Think-About Questions
For Rationalism & Empiricism

Correlated with the Reading
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

I've written these questions to help you focus on important issues in the reading. I may also use them in discussion, and you may find them helpful in thinking about paper topics. I've tried to keep each set of questions small enough so that you will actually consult them as you read.

Occasionally I will use a term in a question which did not appear in that day's reading but which I expect to have introduced in class by the time we get to that day's reading.

To make life easier, the syllabus has links to each day's questions.

Descartes, Discourse, Sections 1-2

Descartes, Discourse, Sections 3-4

Descartes, Discourse, Sections 5-6

Descartes, Meditations: Dedication, Preface, Synopsis, Section 1

Descartes, Meditations, Section 2

Descartes, Meditations, Section 3

Descartes, Meditations, Section 4

Descartes, Meditations, Section 5

Descartes, Meditations, Section 6

Spinoza, Emendation of the Intellect, pp. 233-250

Spinoza, Emendation of the Intellect, pp. 250-262

Spinoza, Ethics, Part I, through Prop. 17

Spinoza, Ethics, Part I, through Prop. 36

Spinoza, Ethics, Appendix to Part I; Part II, preface, definitions, axioms, postulates, propositions, and notes only, through Prop. 17 [proofs, corollaries, lemmas recommended]

Spinoza, Ethics, through end of Part II

Locke, Essay, pp. 43-48, 104-109, 117-123, 126-132, 134-141

Locke, Essay, pp. 143-146, 149-150, 155-159, 162-167, 180-181, 288, 295-302, 305-306, 307-308, 311-312, 316-317

Locke, Essay, pp. 331-343, 525-527, 530-534, 536-538

Locke, Essay, pp. 618-625, 630-639, 688-696

Leibniz, Discourse, Sections 1-12

Leibniz, Discourse, Sections 13-25

Leibniz, Discourse, Sections 26-37

Leibniz, Monadology, Sections 1-30

Leibniz, Monadology, Sections 31-60

Leibniz, Monadology, Sections 61-90

Berkeley, First Dialogue

Berkeley, Second Dialogue

Berkeley, Third Dialogue

Hume, Treatise, Preface plus pp. 1-25, 66-68

Hume, Treatise, pp. 69-94

Hume, Treatise, pp. 94-123

Hume, Treatise, pp. [124-30], 130-55

Hume, Treatise, pp. 155-87

Hume, Treatise, pp. 187-218

Hume, Treatise, pp. [219-51], 251-63, 263-74

This file is an electronic hand-out for the course, Rationalism & Empiricism.

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