Logical Systems
Mid-Term Review
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

Here I try to list all the important terms, distinctions, symbols, and results from the first half of the course. It wouldn't help much as a study guide if I listed everything we covered. You can get that by re-reading Hunter. I've tried to limit the list to what's most important. Believe it or not, I've omitted a lot.

This list covers the introductory unit on infinite sets and the unit on the metatheory of truth-functional propositional logic (TFPL).

The topics are only roughly in the order in which we encountered them. I've adjusted this order when I thought it important to cluster related topics together. I've put in some blank lines to separate clusters from one another.

I believe that all the technical terms on this list are defined in my glossary. If any are not, please let me know and I'll revise the glossary.

For a review sheet for the second half of the course, on predicate logic, see the final exam review.

This file is an electronic hand-out for the course, Logical Systems.

Most of the logic symbols in this file are GIFs. See my Notes on Logic Notation on the Web.

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