Logical Systems
Predicate Logic Review
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

Here I try to list all the important terms, distinctions, symbols, and results from the second half of the course, focusing on the metatheory of first order predicate logic. It wouldn't help much as a study guide if I listed everything we covered. You can get that by re-reading Hunter. I've tried to limit the list to what's most important. Believe it or not, I've omitted a lot.

The topics are only roughly in the order in which we encountered them. I've adjusted this order when I thought it important to cluster related topics together. I've put in some blank lines to separate clusters from one another.

I believe that all the technical terms on this list are defined in my glossary. If any are not, please let me know and I'll revise the glossary.

For a review sheet from the first half of the course, focusing on infinite sets and truth-functional propositional logic, see the mid-term review.

This file is an electronic hand-out for the course, Logical Systems.

Most of the logic symbols in this file are GIFs. See my Notes on Logic Notation on the Web.

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