Writings for the Net
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

My Berkman Center page of writings is more current than this one. —Peter.

Also see my page of academic publications, most of which are digital copies of print publications.

Here are some miscellaneous writings that have not already been formally published. Some I wrote for audiences; others I wrote chiefly to clarify matters for myself. Some are too personal or too long to publish easily in standard journals. Until the web came along, they were destined for the archive disk and the desk drawer. Some were written specifically for the web.

My course hand-outs fall into this category, but in general I keep them off this page and on my various course home-pages.

My "second thoughts" on published essays also belong in this category. But rather than list them here, I've put them on my page of academic publications, where they are associated with the pieces on which they comment.

I will seek formal publication one day for some of these writings; for these, the web is my preprint exchange. For others, I will never seek formal publication; for these, the web is my publishing house. In either case I hope their presence here will invite comment and dialogue.

I list my writings on open access on a separate page.

Alphabetical order.

Peter Suber
Research Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College
Open Access Project Director, Public Knowledge
Senior Researcher, SPARC