Minutes of the 57th Annual  Weaver Reunion

 June 15, 2003

52 family members including several guests gathered at the School Exhibit Hall at the Preble County Fairgrounds, Eaton, Ohio on Sunday, June 15, 2003.  We all joined hands and said the Lord’s Prayer as our blessing before starting the meal.

Thanks for all the food and especially the chicken brought by Tom and Kathy Weaver.  It was a little under cooked and rubbery.

Minutes of last year’s meeting were read.  

Treasurer’s report given through June 14, 2003 with a balance of $244.50

Aunt Alma  said that Mabel had called her to say that she was sorry she could not be at the reunion this year and to say ‘Hi’ to everyone.

An anniversary card was sent around so everyone could send Happy 60th Anniversary wishes to Pete and Marion Weaver.  Their special anniversary was on May 23rd.

Note – Fred and Irene Weaver celebrated 60 years of marriage on April 25th.  Approximately 40 family members and friends helped celebrate this special anniversary at the Chop House near Centerville on Sunday, April 27, 2003.

Graduates     John O’Brien (Darlene) graduated from Miami University  

                   Stefanie Weaver (Charlie) graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School in Columbus

Marriages     Kelly Weaver (Fred Daniel) and Andrew Puffer were married on May 10, 2003

Births           Leah Nicole LeBlanc – born on January 13, 2003, daughter of Jeremy and Laura LcBlanc.

Betty and Phil LeBlanc are the proud grandparents.

                   Hannah Elizabeth DeVane – born  on February 16, 2003, daughter of Sara and Howie DeVane.

                   Bill and Andrea McMillian are the proud grandparents.

Deaths        Marlin Huffman - husband of Eva Huffman (Elizabeth) died November 28, 2002.

                  William McMillan (Uncle Mac) died December 14, 2002.

                  Corda Leis - distant relative and family friend and babysitter,  died June 12, 2003.

             John F. Develbiss - father of Karen Weaver (Len) and JoAnn Weaver (Larry) died June 2, 2003. 
He was a guest at the reunion for the last several years.

Life histories from the Adam Weaver family and the Fred Weaver  family had been completed and were given to Kathy (Tom) Weaver.

There was lots of discussion about where to hold the 2004 Weaver Reunion.  Some of the suggestions were Farmersville Recreation Center, Rod and Gun Club, Bear Creek Church shelter, and the Flower Building at the Preble County Fairgrounds.   Sherman and Deanna reported that the Rod and Gun Club is booked every year by the same families and the only chance to get a date is if someone who has that date, give it up.   So, it would be very difficult to book at the Rod and Gun Club.

There was a motion made by Don Weaver with a priority list of possible sites for the 2004 reunion. The list follows:  

1.      Farmersville Recreation Center

2.      Flower Building at Preble County Fairgrounds

3.      Bear Creek Church shelter

4.      School Exhibit Hall at Preble County Fairgrounds

5.      Rod and Gun Club

6.      President’s choice

This motion was seconded by Fred Daniel Weaver.

The motion passed.

There was also much discussion about continuing the tradition of holding the Weaver Reunion on Father’s Day or changing the date to a day other than Father’s Day.  One opinion was that Father’s Day or a change to another Sunday was fine, but that if it was going to change, it needed to be permanent and not switch back and forth every year.

One suggestion to hold the reunion on Saturday of Father’s Day weekend.

Karen (Len) Weaver made the motion to have the Weaver Reunion on Father’s Day every year.  The motion was seconded by Sherman Weaver.  The vote was taken by a show of hands:

        For Father’s Day  =  18

        Against Father’s Day  =  1

Motion passed.

Harvey Weaver accepted the position of president for 2004.  Larry and JoAnn Weaver will turn the books over to Harvey by the end of July.

The hat was passed and  $115.63 was collected.

Penny Weaver volunteered to make the run to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Tom Weaver made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Penny Weaver.    Meeting adjourned.

After the meeting, the songbooks were passed around.  What a wonderful sound as the Weaver’s harmonized on those old hymns.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry and JoAnn Weaver

2003 Weaver Reunion Presidents



Beginning Balance                                                     $400.50


        12/16/02 – Flowers William McMillan                -54.13

        5/7/02 - 2003 Building Rental                          -65.00

        5/12/02 – Stamps (100@ .37)                          -37.00

        6/15/03 – Ice Cream (Dairy Queen)                  -15.00      


Collected 6/15/03                                               +115.63  

                                        Total  6/15/03            $345.00