Exploring Canada and Point Pelee NP

Team Leaders: Wendy Tori, Bill Buskirk, Kevin Schmidt and Joel Hogle

Latest trip... September 2011

The first Vicki Penziner-Matson Field Trip of the 2011-12 school year took place last weekend, 30 Sept- 2 October 2011. For the first time in many years, we returned to Ontario to observe the fall migration of birds, especially raptors (hawks, eagles and falcons) on the north shore of Lake Erie. Twenty folks participated -- four faculty and 16 students. The following is a synopsis of the trip... (see report(s) at the end of the page for detail account of the experience)..

...We departed from Earlham on Friday afternoon at about 3pm. A sort of picnic dinner in NW Ohio was cut short by a rainsquall and we continued on to the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Canada. After a conversation with Canadian immigration/customs, we were on our way to Point Pelee National Park where we had campground reservations. We arrived in darkness and drizzle to find a well-appointed group campground with shelters, lights and clean facilities. At this point the wind was howling out of the north and rainsqualls were on us soon after the tents were up. Wind and rain dominated the night...

EC Canada PP1
EC Canada PP2

...In the early dawn light we marched the 1.5 miles to the “Tip”. Along the way we found an unusually confiding Solitary Sandpiper feeding on the roadway -- allowing us to get within a few feet of us as it fed -- a snazzy beginning for the day. As we approached the Tip we began seeing American Kestrels overhead and a large number of thrushes and warblers flitting through the forest. At least two Belted Kingfishers were actively calling and flying back and forth. The Tip of the point provided a highly dramatic scene with waves crashing in, gulls, cormorants and ducks flying in all directions...


...We returned home just after dark on Sunday evening … what a wonderful weekend trip!
Thanks to all who participated and special thanks to Joel and Kevin who carried most of the responsibility of getting us organized and off on the trip!

(Wendy and Bill)

EC Canada PP3


Date Team Leader(s) Report
September 2011 Wendy Tori, Bill Buskirk, Kevin Schmidt and Joel Hogle PDF , Birdlist


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