Assignment # 3

Pentatonic Scales and Mixed Meters

  1. Read the chapter on Pentatonic scales and listen to the musical examples. These will be part of the listening quiz on Monday.
  2. Listen to the Beatles 'All you need is Love.' Print out this lyrics sheet and see if you can place barlines where you feel there is the beginning of a new measure. Then, see if you notice when the bar is 4/4 and when it is 3/4 -- these come in unpredictable places, which is what I want you to listen for.
  3. As an extra, see if you can notate the rhythm of the lyrics. This is not so easy, and in places quite impossible, especially in the verse where John sings very much in a floating style above the beat. There are places however which you can notate. The question: is he in 4/4 or 12/8, or some variation in between? This is the point of the exercise, to begin to learn to listen to what seems straightfoward on the surface -- "just a pop tune" -- but in fact is more complex when you begin to pull it apart.
  4. What tune opens this track, by the way?
  5. And is this tune "serious" or not? Did John Lennon believe that "all you need is love" or is he poking fun at the notion? What is it in the music's style that points to either one or the two answers, or some variation of both. Please jot down an answer to this question on the back of the page and turn it in for Friday.


On Monday Sept. 7, you will have a quiz on note names in the three clefs and the grand staff, plus a listening/matching quiz on the pieces that are posted in chapters1C through 1F (musical meters and pentatonics).

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (from Magical Mystery Tour)