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Music Theory Webpages: A Feeling for Harmony

Home page for A Feeling for Harmony

A Feeling for Harmony, Book 1 (Fall Semester)

A Feeling for Harmony, Book 2 (Spring Semester)

A Feeling for Harmony, Book 3 (Fall Semester)

Earlham College Symphony Orchestra

Earlham College Orchestra


Home Page for the Spring 2012 Orchestration Class

Music Technology Program and Gesture Tracking Lab

Earlham Music Technology (still in construction, January 2012!)

Music Department Homepage

Earlham Music Department

Mirabai Music

Here is my personal website, listed under the name of the "publishing company" that my wife, Lynnell Lewis, and I maintain.  It has soundfiles of various musics that I have written since the 80s, as well as soundfiles of Lynnell's chants.

Mirabai Music

Italy May Term for Musicians, 2012

Here is the link for the Italy Program