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     April 30, 2001

There is no FOS news in this issue, just a little housekeeping.

I've picked Topica.com to host this email list.  I wanted a service that would connect the mailing list seamlessly with a good threaded discussion forum.  I'm picky about what counts as "good" in a discussion forum, and wanted a searchable archive, the ability to sort postings by date, thread, or author, and support for email notification of new postings. 

Moving you from my Eudora address book to Topica will be easy for me and transparent for you.  Very soon after sending this email, I will simply upload my address list, and Topica will take it from there.  It will send you an email confirming that I've subscribed you and give you the URL of our Topica page, which I'm also giving you below.  You needn't do a thing. 

You'll receive future issues of the newsletter in your email box, as before.  For back issues or discussion, go to our Topica forum.  I've seeded the forum with all our back issues, an easy job since we just started.  All future issues will be logged to the forum automatically, where they will be searchable and discussable.

I'm happy with the new set-up and happy to turn my attention back to the FOS issues which justify this effort.

Now that I can scale up the subscription list, I'm willing to expand it.  Let me encourage you to tell colleagues about this newsletter.  If they wish to subscribe, they may do so directly at our Topica URL below.

FOS list at Topica


PS.  I had to call our Topica site "suber-fos" because "fos" and "fosn" were both taken.  If you belong to the Friends of Statistics, tell them to move on so that we can simplify our URL.


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