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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

South African academy recommends OA for books

Scholarly Books: Their Production, Use and Evaluation in South Africa Today, report by the Academy of Science of South Africa, August 2009.

... Recommendation No 3: that some form of organised and sustainable national book publishing support system be established to create a climate in which book-publishing decisions can be freed of purely commercial considerations. This could be linked to a system of regionalised and/or partially centralised consortial infrastructure to support the publishing of scholarly books and journals, which could include components for distribution and logistical infrastructure, co-publishing or other platforms for international marketing and promotion, and a national internet platform for open access publications. Alignment with library and repository functions at institutional and other levels could enhance the development of new kinds of organisations centrally focused on the core mission of scholarship. ...

Recommendation No 4: that the principle of maximising open access, already recommended by the Academy for scholarly journals, be extended as far as possible (with careful attention to sustainable business models) to books published (or co-published) in South Africa, with the adoption of formats and technology platforms compatible with bibiliometric requirements such as citation indexing and information-rich online features. ...