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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New group of European OA law journals

Open Law Journals Group, Justification and Draft Principles for an Open Law Journals Group, SCRIPTed, December 15, 2009.

... [A] number of journals that use the open access model of publishing met at the University of Edinburgh in August 2009. Attendees included representatives of the following online journals: [Note: omitting list of 5 British OA law journals.] ...

The objective of the meeting was to establish a group that would represent European open access journals and act as a means of communication and support between them. This document offers a rationale for such a group, and provides a list of basic governing principles that we hope to use as the foundation for increasing its membership and activity. ...

The OLG is intended to be a formal and expanding community which represents the interests of open access journals and the free utilisation of high quality scholarship. The advantages of membership in such a group are myriad, as evidenced by the suggested remit of the OLG, which is to facilitate:

  • a means of communication and cooperation amongst open access journals;
  • enhancement of open access to sound technical advice and support;
  • joint projects such as workshops and conferences directed both at the open access movement and, more generally, at scholarship supported by it; and
  • better support and standard-setting in the open access environment.

The formal structure and constitution of the OLG will be decided at a future European Meeting to which all relevant journals will be invited. ...