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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SciELO adopts CC licenses

SciELO Brazil adopts Creative Commons attribution of access and use, Virtual Health Library Newsletter, November 16, 2009.

Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) has become the most important collection of scientific periodicals of developing countries in line with the international open access movement. In its eleven years of operation SciELO has been progressively improving online publication methodologies and technologies thus keeping up with the international state of the art methods and technology for open access.

After a long process of analysis and consultations with experts, scientific editors and members of the Advisory Committee of the SciELO Brasil collection, the Creative Commons (CC) Licensing, with the minimum standard "Attribution – Non-commercial Use" (CC-BY-NC) was formally adopted by the SciELO collection for all of its content, and with the possibility for the editors to adopt the BY license with broader attribution.

The decision has been implemented in the Brazilian collection and should be extended progressively to all the SciELO Network of national and thematic collections of open access scientific periodicals. The management of intellectual property rights for the SciELO collection content started formally in September 2009, when Creative Commons was adopted. ...

In order to implement the Creative Commons license, SciELO Brasil editors received a letter on the adoption of the standard CC-BY-NC license for all the periodicals that are indexed in the collection, with an option to adopt the CC-BY license which is less restrictive and more in line with the open access movement.

Of the 197 editors, ten accepted SciELO’s suggestion and adopted the CC-BY license: ...

Once the Creative Commons license has been fully implemented in the SciELO Brasil collection, the license will be extended in the coming months to the other SciELO-certified collections with the support of the network coordinators.

The implementation of the Creative Commons license requires the adaptation of the procedures adopted by SciELO Brasil to the scenario of each country. The idea is to finalize the license implementation process in all certified collections by the end of 2010. ...