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Friday, November 13, 2009

Open access roundup

  • A "manifesto" released by OCLC Research calls on academic libraries to "offer alternative scholarly publishing and dissemination platforms that are integrated with appropriate repositories and preservation services", among other things.
  • HathiTrust released its October newsletter.
  • "For economically poor countries," writes Barbara Kirsop, "the development of the fastest, lowest cost route to open access is a ‘no brainer’. ... The developing world urgently needs the establishment and filling of IRs right now."
  • Lower subscription costs at two hybrid OA Nature Publishing Group journals "will not be enough to keep libraries and funders like the Wellcome Trust from asking NPG for more transparency", argues Bernd-Christoph Kaemper. "If we had data to actually calculate revenue per article, we would see that it has risen sharply [since 2006]."