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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Draft report on openness in higher ed.

The Committee for Economic Development, a longstanding American business-led think tank, has released a draft of its report, Harnessing Openness to Improve Research, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. See e.g. the table of contents for chapter 5, "Openness in Higher Education: Changes in Research":
  1. Resistance to Greater Openness
  2. Openness and Open-Access Journals
  3. Digital Repositories
  4. Educating Faculty Members on Their Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Openness and Commercial Support of Research
  6. Access to Government-Funded Research Results
  7. Openness and University Libraries
  8. Openness and Academic Presses
  9. Openness and Technology Transfer
From the conclusion:

In this report we have only begun to plumb the potential for greater openness to improve higher education. As we have made clear in our previous reports we believe that openness is not a paramount value or an unalloyed good. ... Just as new, more open, means of electronic distribution for scholarly work should accelerate the dissemination of new knowledge and hasten the pace of innovation, they pose financial challenges to existing vehicles for scholarly publication that have, and are, providing valuable services. ...

But with all the difficult issues to address, and with all the unforeseen consequences of these new pathways, we are convinced that institutions of higher education should move toward greater openness on their own with support and encouragement from businesses and governments. ... We want to encourage thoughtful experimentation to learn more about the effect of greater openness in practice. ...