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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Liberal arts colleges come out for FRPAA

The presidents of 57 liberal arts colleges in the U.S. today released a letter supporting the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009 (FRPAA, S.1373). The colleges are members of the Oberlin Group of Libraries. From the letter:

... Liberal arts colleges are important components of our nation's scientific and scholarly productivity. Studies have shown that our institutions are highly effective in producing graduates who go on to obtain Ph.D. degrees and become productive researchers. Our faculty actively pursue research, much of it with government funding, and often working in partnership with talented undergraduates. Unfortunately, access to research information paid for with tax dollars is severely limited at our institutions and indeed at most universities. Academic libraries simply cannot afford ready access to most of the research literature that their faculty and students need.

The Federal Research Public Access Act would be a major step forward in ensuring equitable online access to research literature that is paid for by taxpayers. The federal government funds over $60 billion in research annually. ... Given the scope of research literature that would become available online, it is clear that adoption of the bill would have significant benefits for the progress of science and the advancement of knowledge. ...

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