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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Funding for Latin American repository network

María José López Pourailly, Project for Scientific Documentation Repositories in Latin America is about to begin, DeCLARA Bulletin (pp. 25-26), March 2009. (Thanks to Carolina De Volder.)

Under the title “[Formation] of a Federated Network of Institutional Repositories of Scientific Documentation in Latin America”, the project presented on 10 October 2008 by CLARA to the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) line of Public Regional Assets (PRA) was notified on 9 January as shortlisted, and today is about to begin.

... [T]he objective of the project presented by CLARA is the following: “The Public Regional Asset will consist of a federated network of institutional repositories of scientific publications with the aim of storing, sharing and giving visibility to their scientific production, thus supporting the region’s scientific and technologic development under an agreement framework related to interoperability and information management. Such initiative will offer public access, thus contributing to the recording and dissemination of scientific knowledge, regarding knowledge as a public asset which represents a crucial element for the scientific and technologic development of each country and of the region as a whole”.

The countries that presented the proposal are Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico ... It is necessary to point out that Ecuador actively participated throughout the proposal’s development, and it is expected that it will soon be incorporated as a beneficiary country, as will be the case of all the countries in the region in the future.

With a funding of U$ 600,000 and an execution timescale of two years, according to Rocío Cos, Project Manager at CLARA, “the project aims to provide a greater visibility to the research conducted in each country, to the researchers and institutions, as well as to make possible the sharing and exchanging of the knowledge that is generated”. ...

P.S. CLARA (Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas, Latin-American Cooperation of Advanced Networks) is a 17-country partnership of "telecommunications advanced networks for research, innovation and education."