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Thursday, August 20, 2009

New universal repository launches -- "file-sharing for academics"

Scholas is a newly-launched beta service which brands itself as "Social File-Sharing for Academics". The site is run by an Oxford-based company. From the about page:

Scholas is a service that enables academics to list their publications and share work quickly and easily via the web. This can be a list of existing publications including journal articles, books etc. As well as any other items, such as research notes, presentations, posters and data-sets.

Each publication created by the user has its own user-item page, which can be linked to using a short, unique URL e.g. (called a Scholas ID). The user-item page allows bibliographical information to be associated with the user-item, as well as facilitating discussion through a comments section.

Scholas also provides users with a Scholas ID for their profile page, which links to all the publications they have listed on the service. This enables the user to provide a single short and unique link to all the work they wish to share on Scholas.