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Friday, August 07, 2009

New OA competitor to arXiv

Jon Cartwright, Fledgling site challenges arXiv server,, July 15, 2009.

A physicist in the UK has set up a new website for sharing preprints following criticisms about the way that the popular preprint server is moderated. Called, which is the reverse of arXiv, the rival server — unlike arXiv — places no restrictions on the sorts of papers that can be posted. "This is an experiment to find out what kind of stuff is not managing to get into the arXiv, as well as being a serious archive for people to put their research in," says Philip Gibbs, an independent physicist based in the UK and creator of viXra.

Gibbs decided to set up viXra having listened to claims on blogs and the tell-all website that arXiv administrators, who are based at Cornell University in the US, unfairly reject certain manuscripts or transfer them to the server’s less reputable "general-physics" category. ...

Librarians at Cornell use a two-stage filtering process to ensure all the uploaded preprints are of at least "refereeable" quality. First, authors must gain the approval of a recognized endorser, who is typically someone with a prestigious academic affiliation or who has a proven track record of submissions. Second, the endorsed preprints pass under the eyes of a moderator to check that they are not nonsense and that they qualify for one of the 18 main subject categories. Of some 250 new submissions received every day, a Cornell librarian says just "a few" are rejected. ...

But for now it looks like arXiv will not have to worry too much: as today there were just seven papers on the viXra site.

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