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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommendations on openness to Canada's Minister of Industry

Michael Geist has presented his recommendations on openness to a conference hosted by Canada's Minister of Industry Tony Clement on June 22.

... The City of Vancouver recently adopted an openness policy that establishes a preference for open standards, open source software, and open government data. The federal government should do the same, promoting the use of cost-effective open source software and the benefits of commercial and civic activity around accessible government data. ...

The openness principle should also cover access to taxpayer-funded research, often referred to as open access. In recent months, the United States and the European Union have taken strong steps toward making their research openly available, with legislative mandates that require researchers who accept public grants to make their published research results freely available online within a reasonable time period. We have started to move in this same direction but need to make it a priority. ...

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