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Thursday, June 25, 2009

OA mandate at U. Genève

The Université de Genève adopted an OA policy, which took effect on June 1, 2009. A directive (in French) detailing the policy was approved on May 18, 2009 by the university's Rectorat. The university's IR also has a page on its policies, including in English. (Thanks to Stevan Harnad.)

Comment. My French isn't great and I haven't found an English translation of the directive. To my (potentially incorrect) understanding, the policy applies to articles as well as books, book chapters, and doctoral dissertations. Deposit is required, but the author can choose to restrict access to the full text to the university Intranet or completely; temporary embargoes are also an option. The directive refers to these options as a "choice" which is the "author's responsibility", rather than as a waiver or exception from OA.

If you have more information in English, please let me know.