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Monday, June 01, 2009

More on OA in the European Parliament elections

Voting in the forthcoming European Parliament elections is scheduled for June 4-7. Some news on OA:

  • Frank Swain, Science and the European Elections: Open Access, SciencePunk, May 31, 2009. Responses on public access from 4 UK parties contesting the elections.

    Comment. I hesitate to characterize any of the responses as calling unequivocally for an OA mandate for EU-funded research. The strongest comment is from the Green Party respondent, who states that he "would work with colleagues to open access - particularly for research that has been funded by the taxpayer." The responses are brief, if you want to read them yourself.

  • Pirate Parties are contesting the elections for the first time. In Sweden, the Pirate Party is predicted to win at least one seat. The German Pirate Party is predicting that if it does not earn enough votes to gain a seat in Parliament, it may earn at least enough votes to qualify for public funding in the next election.

    What's the OA connection? The German party's platform (Google translation) has supported OA since 2006. The Swedish party's platform (Google translation) also seems to support OA.

    Another connection: Mattias Bjärnemalm, third on the Swedish party's list, previously worked on a statement supporting OA in the University of Uppsala's student union.

See also our past posts on OA in the European Parliament elections:

Update. Tom Chance has posted a note elaborating the UK Greens' position.

Update. Eduardo Robredo Zugasti writes (Google translation) that it remains unclear if the Spanish parties contesting the election support OA.