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Monday, June 15, 2009

Launch of EOS web site

Bernard Rentier has announced the launch of the web site for Enabling Open Scholarship (EOS).  Read his announcement in French or Google's English.  EOS is the successor to EurOpenScholar (also EOS), which was launched in October 2007.  The first EOS was European, while the second is global.  Rentier is the rector of the University of Liege and the Chair of the new EOS.

The official launch of the organization itself, as opposed to the web site, should follow shortly.  The EOS advisory board is meeting in Brussels today to make the final arrangements.

From the new EOS web site:

EnablingOpenScholarship (EOS) is a membership organisation for universities and research institutions. The organisation is a forum for raising and discussing issues around the mission of modern universities, particularly with regard to the creation, dissemination and preservation of research findings.

The context for the establishment of the EOS forum has been:

Anyone who is interested in enrolling their institution as a member, or in attending an EOS meeting or briefing session, is invited to email the convenor of the group, Dr Alma Swan (contact details) .

PS:  One of the top priorities for EOS will be to help universities adopt effective OA policies.  With that in view, note the very strong optimal institutional Open Access policy and FAQ at the EOS web site.  Also see our past posts on the new and old EOS.