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Monday, June 08, 2009

Another try at free to read, pay to print

PaperC is a new platform for OA books.  (Thanks to Blick Log.)

At the moment Paper C is in beta and limited to invited users. 

According to Andreas Menn's article in Saturday's Handelsblatt (also see Google's English), reading a PaperC book online is free of charge, and users only have to pay if they want to print excerpts or annotate pages.  PaperC is currently running a  trial with 1,500 German students and 3,000 German books in computer science, economics, law, and medicine.

Apparently the company will not publish its own books but merely host books from cooperating publishers.  Olaf Ernst, President of E-Product Management & Innovation at Springer, said that PaperC was a promising model.

Comment.  This is essentially the business model of ebrary at the time of its launch, circa 2002.  Sometime after 2005 ebrary changed its model, and now allows the original content publishers to choose their own business models.  (None of the suggested models includes OA.)  Does anyone know why ebrary changed?  The reasons may affect the prospects of PaperC.