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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Students campaign for OA textbooks

Pat Lohmann, Students mourn outdated textbooks, New Mexico Daily Lobo, March 26, 2009. (Thanks to Open Education News.)

... [University of New Mexico Public Interest Research Group spokeswoman Erica] Krause said she and other PIRG volunteers are trying to get UNM faculty members to find an alternative to expensive textbooks.

"At UNM, we're trying to get professors to sign an open-source textbook commitment and try and get them to switch their textbooks over to something more affordable and easier to obtain," she said.

Krause said open-source textbooks are preferable because they are often published online, sidestepping major publishing companies.

"They're more available to this generation, and it doesn't allow textbook publishers to have a monopoly over the entire market, like (they do) right now," she said. ...