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Monday, April 27, 2009

Search tool now includes PMC

Bioalma Announces Full-Text Search Capabilities From Open Access Journals Through novo|seek, press release, April 27, 2009.

Bioalma today announced at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, that novo|seek is now capable of executing full-text searches in all Open Access journals housed in PubMed Central.

Leveraging Bioalma’s text mining capabilities, users can now extend beyond just the abstract to identify – for the first time – key information housed in the full-text article. By identifying key biomedical terms in the entire text, searches yield the most relevant research results available today. Additionally, by adding Open Access journals to the novo|seek universe of search targets, Bioalma is extending the number of searchable articles by an average of 1,000 new articles per day, or about 140,000 total new articles.

... [S]aid Ramon Alonso-Allende, director of marketing and business development, Bioalma: “... We look forward to adding as much open access and free access content as we can to broaden the scope of literature users can mine.”

Open access rights to biomedical research is important as it goes beyond just free access to content, making distribution, copying and derivative work production possible. Free access only allows the individual to view the content, but not use it or share it, and it is not made available in public repositories. To learn more about the differences between open access and free access and what this means for the biomedical community, please visit the novo|seek blog. ...

For independent researchers who would like their published papers in novo|seek, please contact

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