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Friday, April 17, 2009

Repository-development wiki

One outcome of last month's International Repositories Workshop (Amsterdam, March 16-17, 2009) is the International Repositories Infrastructure wiki.  (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)  From the front page:

...The current crop of action plans are around four areas.

  • Citation services - that is, making citation data more easily available from OA papers
  • 'Repository handshake' - that is, ways for repositories to ease the deposit process in various scenarios
  • Interoperable identification infrastructure - that is, can named entities be unambiguously identified on the web?
  • International Repositories Organisation - how can repositories and their teams work better together. Note that this action plan is being taken forward by a group being coordinated by the DRIVER project....

Drafts of the four plans were briefly considered by a group of infrastructure funders on 17th March 2009, who expressed general support for all of them, and varying degrees of interest in funding work under each of them.  Some are already funding relevant work, which needs to be coordinated internationally.  That's one purpose of this wiki.

Briefing materials

Alma Swan has produced and is maintaining a set of briefing materials that support this work by documenting current work under a range of headings relevant to the action plans.  If you have any updates on any of these, please either email Alma so that she can update the map versions to match.

Update (4/21/09). Also see Alma Swan's announcement:

An ongoing project has been looking at the global repositories infrastructure with the aim of determining where work needs to be done to ‘fill in the gaps’ and produce a truly interoperable system of repositories for research outputs. With respect to those outputs, we have focused for the time being on journal articles but are mindful of the other types of research output and hope that these will be encompassed at a later date.

An international workshop was held in Amsterdam last month, attended by a hundred or so repository experts who spent two days in discussion in small groups to develop draft action plans around four themes. These four themes had been identified as areas of high priority during online discussions in this community of experts over several months prior to the workshop....

To add comments [to the wiki] you will need to request access, which you can do by clicking on the link in the top right corner of the front page.