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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PLoS Medicine turns 5 this year

A Medical Journal for the World's Health Priorities, PLoS Medicine Editors, editorial, April 28, 2009. See also the press release:

The editorial published in this week's PLoS Medicine looks back over the 5 years since the journal made its first call for papers and describes a new evidence-based approach to the aims and scope of the journal, which emphasizes the focus of PLoS Medicine on the diseases and risk factors that cause the greatest losses in years of healthy life worldwide.

Taking as its guide several prominent publications that document these diseases and risk factors, in the editorial the editors reaffirm one of the principles that led to the founding of PLoS Medicine: "We remain guided by the conviction that research reports, especially those on work that most affects human health globally, must be available to all, and not restricted by access fees and legal barriers to reuse."

In taking such an approach the editors emphasize the need to look beyond just the biological causes of disease, saying "As the world faces up to the challenges of a changing climate, a turbulent economic system, and continued global conflict, we now wish to reinforce the important place in health research of work that encompasses the social, environmental, and political determinants of health, as well as the biological." ...

In concluding the editorial the editors say "We believe our new, evidence-based approach will not only ensure that open-access publishing reflects the health priorities of the 21st century, but will also reaffirm and revitalize the long tradition of medical journals leading, rather than following, the debate over research priorities."