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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 provides, endorses OA

The Library and the Open Access Movement, Newsletter, April 2009.  An editorial.  Excerpt:

...Globethics.netís library on ethics aligns itself within the open access movement. As such it wishes to address the problem of skewed access to information between the global South and the global North. The fact that some parts of the world are prevented from participating in the global discourse due to a lack of access to information and knowledge resources is a form of injustice that needs to be corrected.

The Globethics.netís library supports the Open Access Initiative and also intends to make a part of its collection accessible as an open repository. As such it does not only take advantage of what has already been developed by others in the open access movement, but also participates in its further development. The originality of the library on the landscape of open access repositories lies in the uniqueness of its collection of open access content. It includes electronic versions of journals from the global South that were previously only available in paper format; documents submitted through the document submission process; indexation of open access journals; and the integration of ethics related content from open repositories. All of this content is reassembled in one place, forming a new organized collection of core applied ethics content that is searchable as a whole.

At the same time, the Globethics.netís library is more than an open access actor, because it also provides access to commercial content to its registered users, since the global South also needs to have access to content in the field of applied ethics that is only available from commercial publishers. In this respect, the library wants to give preferential access to commercial content to people of the global South who are currently denied such access.

We invite all our participants to support this movement by submitting your ethics related documents to the Globethics.netís library....