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Thursday, March 05, 2009

U.S. agencies' recommendations on data policies

Interagency Working Group on Digital Data, Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society, report to the National Science and Technology Council, January 2009. See also the full report. (Thanks to Clifford Lynch.)
... The report includes three key recommendations to pursue this vision. The first is to create an Interagency Subcommittee under NSTC that will focus on goals that are best addressed through continuing broad cooperation and coordination across agencies. The second key element of the strategic framework is for departments and agencies to lay the foundations for agency digital scientific data policy and make the policy publicly available. In laying these foundations, agencies should consider all components of a comprehensive policy to address the full data management life cycle. The third key element is for all agencies to promote a data management planning process for projects that generate scientific data for preservation. ...
See also our past post on the IWGDD. The recommendations were also discussed at the National Academies' Board on Research Data and Information meeting, which we blogged about previously.

Update (Peter, 3/7/09).  An excerpt from the report:


...[A] critical requirement for American competitiveness is to establish and continuously improve a robust and pervasive information infrastructure to maximize access to digital scientific data.

Scientific information in an accessible and interoperable digital environment has the characteristics of a public good. The information is not destroyed and its value is not diminished upon use. On the contrary, digital access has a catalytic effect, multiplying the value of information through repeated use by a wide variety of users in a diversity of settings and applications. This requires effective coordination, extensive interoperability, and innovative tools and services across the full spectrum of digital preservation and access resources....