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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thesis on IRs in Germany

Martin Boosen, Institutionelle Repositorien in Deutschland, Master's thesis at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, 2008. English abstract:
The concept of the institutional repository is currently discussed in library science and in practice around the globe. Many universities hope for significant advantages caused by publishing servers collecting the outflow of their scientific institutions as electronic documents and providing them via internet. If nothing else they count on a huge advertising impact for their own institution. For this reason, in recent years, many universities and scientific institutions in Germany as in the rest of the world decided to build their own document server. From the beginning, there has been a close link between this approach and the international open-access movement. Not a few represent the view, both concepts could create a decisive influence on the changing system of scientific publishing. But contrary to the initial optimistic estimates, many operators of this type of archive servers today find themselves confronted with significant difficulties. In this regard primarily the lack of acceptance by the scientific authors proves to be a fundamental problem that may threaten the success of the concept.