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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Our purpose is to spread knowledge, not wealth"

Anders Rydholm and Olle Svensson, New format, Open Access, and online pre-publication, Acta Orthopaedica, February 1, 2009.  Excerpt:

...We need to lower our production costs because of Open Access, which we started in 2005. This means that all our articles are accessible as full text—for everyone, at no cost—via PubMed immediately after the printed version has been published. We do not use the common system of delayed Open Access with articles that first become freely available 6-12 months after publication or are free to subscribers only. This, in turn, means that one important source of income, library subscriptions, will diminish. Furthermore, all articles published since the start in 1930 are free to everyone on Acta's website....

Many journals have introduced page charges for authors to cover the costs. Acta Orthopaedica has decided that Open Access should also be without costs for authors, which means that we have to cut production costs. At present we are breaking even, but in a couple of years, unless we find other sources of income, Acta will perhaps also have to introduce page charges, to compensate for increasing general costs, unchanged subscription fees for members, and the reduced number of library subscriptions that will come in the foreseeable future. A drastic way of cutting costs would be to stop printing Acta on paper. However, we believe that most readers (and all editors) still love the smell and feel of paper and papers....

[W]e [at the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation] are a non-profit organization, owned by the NOF members: our purpose is to spread knowledge —not wealth.