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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the Georgetown Free Culture chapter

Molly Redden, Kevin Donovan talks about Students for Free Culture at Georgetown, Vox Populi, March 23, 2009.

Georgetown’s alright, but it’s no MIT or Yale—and I don’t really mean academically. You’ll be hard pressed to find Georgetown’s classes on any of the proliferating websites that stream lectures and we’re still paying out the ass for scholarly journals.

Organized by Kevin Donovan (COL `11), a group of Georgetown students is looking to change the University’s current not-so-free culture. They’re the Georgetown chapter of the international organization Students for Free Culture.

The group, which just secured SAC funding last semester, aims to get Georgetown to adopt measures like open access publishing, potentially to reform its patent processes, and to join OpenCourseWare, where Universities can post course materials to the extent that anyone can virtually attend classes. ...

In his conversation with me, he explained that since the bulk of scholarly journals (in which most professors publish their work) are subscription-only, Universities like Georgetown, if they have already funded their professors’ research, pay twice to hear what America’s brightest minds have to say. That costs Georgetown about $4 million per year, he said. ...