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Friday, March 27, 2009

OA journal publisher closing

Icthes World Care, a UK-based non-profit publisher of OA journals targeted at developing countries, is closing, according to a notice on its Web site dated January 2009:

Icthes World Care is being wound up as a charity and will be closed down in the next few months.

Our final journals will be published shortly ...

Back issues will be available on our Web site until we close.

Update. See also Chris Rusbridge's comments:

...I have checked the Internet Archive, and in case we should be complacent about that as a system of preservation, found only 1 issue out of 18 issues from 4 titles had actually been gathered there.

The Journals are:

I see from Suncat that these titles are variously held by [the British Library], Cambridge, Oxford and [National Library of Scotland], so I guess they are regarded as serious titles. ...