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Friday, March 27, 2009

More on the St. Gallen mandate

When Switzerland's University of St. Gallen adopted its OA mandate in December 2008 and announced it last month, the text was initially available only in German.  About a week later an unofficial English version was posted to ROARMAP.  Today the university issued an official English version.  (Thanks to Ruedi Lindegger.)  Excerpt:

Regulations concerning the Open Access Policy

Adopted by the Senate on 15 December 2008...

Art. 1: Open access

Open access to research results generated by the University of St. Gallen and to any concomitant publications shall be guaranteed and supported within the framework of the relevant legal provisions....

[T]he University of St. Gallen...has made the communication and dissemination of knowledge its aim and that the following explanations must be interpreted against the back-ground of that selfsame aim....

Art. 4: Protection of exploitation rights

To the extent to which this is possible, researchers shall be obliged definitely and permanently to reserve in their contracts with publishing houses a non-exclusive exploitation right for the free digital publication of their research results in the institutional archive of the University of St. Gallen.

If an arrangement pursuant to Art. 4(1) is only feasible on condition that blocking periods are observed, such blocking periods shall be agreed with the publishing house.

The reservation of exploitation rights for the protection of open access shall be regularly and explicitly demanded prior to the execution of a contract....

Art. 5: Availability of full texts

Full texts shall be made available in the institutional archive when the post-print manuscript has been accepted for publication by the publishing house and when the publishing house permits the self-archiving of the post-print or the pre-print version.

In principle, full texts shall be made available at the same time as or at the earliest possible point in time after publication by the publishing house.

Publication of book contributions, commentaries and books shall not be subject to this obligation.

Art. 6: Publication in open access journals

The publication of research results in open access journals is welcome and shall be supported by the University of St. Gallen....

Art. 7: Publication pursuant to the principle of open access

The University of St. Gallen shall support its researchers in their publications pursuant to the principle of open access by

  1. providing its researchers with advisory support in negotiations with publishing houses concerning contracts for self-archiving,
  2. supporting publication in an open access journal by providing its researchers with advisory support,
  3. expressing due recognition during the evaluation of its re-searchersí research results published in open access journals....

Art. 9: Effective date

These Regulations shall take effect on 1 January 2009.