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Friday, February 27, 2009

U of St. Gallen adopts an OA mandate

Switzerland's University of St. Gallen has adopted an OA policy.  See yesterday's announcement in German or Google's English.  (Thanks to the Open Access Informationsplattform.)

I can't yet find the text of the policy and the announcement does not provide details.  But the goal of the new policy is "to ensure" (gewährleisten) OA for as many articles as possible through Alexandria, the St. Gallen repository.

I've written to St. Gallen and hope to have more soon.

Update (3/3/09).  The St. Gallen policy has now been entered in ROARMAP.  Excerpt:

The new 'Reglement zur Open Access Policy' (signed December 15th, 2008 by the Senate, the academic governing body of the university) contains rules for the researchers at the University of St. Gallen. These rules go beyond the former 'Open Access Policy' (signed November 12th, 2007 also by the Senate). The new regulations are mandatory....

General statement: The results of the research at the University of St. Gallen should be open to public access.

Obligations: The researchers are obliged to retain the necessary rights for self-archiving under OA (Open Access) prior to publication. If this is only possible with a temporally limited embargo, they have to fix this period in the contract. If there is a possibility to publish the post-print version under OA instead of the pre-print one the researchers have to choose the former.

There is, however, a phrase in the regulations "soweit möglich", meaning "where possible", because the university is aware of the situation that there are publishers who do not allow self-archiving under OA.

The full text (post-print or pre-print) has to be published in the institutional repository of the research platform of the University of St. Gallen ( at the moment of acceptance by a publisher. Further, the university encourages the researchers to publish in OA-journals....