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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Norwegian Research Council adopts an OA mandate

The Norwegian Research Council has adopted an OA mandate.  (Thanks to Jan Erik Frantsvåg.)  The full text of the policy has not yet been released, but has a two-sentence summary.  Here's the summary in Google's English:

Research Council of Norway adopted 28 January principles for open access to scientific publications. Research will require that the articles that are a result of funding from the research, should be made available through self-archiving or Open Access publishing to the extent not in conflict with the publishing rights.


  • Kudos to all involved.  As the policy moves toward implementation, I hope the Research Council can close the loophole for resisting publishers, as the Wellcome Trust, NIH, UK MRC, and other funders have done.  (For details on how to do it, see #10 in the article I published on Monday.)
  • Also see our past posts on the consultations leading up to the NRC policy.

Update (2/6/09).  The Norwegian Research Council has released an announcement and the text of the policy.  (Thanks to Jan Erik Frantsvåg.)  Both are in Norwegian.  Because the policy is a PDF, I can't link to a machine translation.  The announcement is in HTML, but for some reason Google Translate chokes on it at the moment.  Here's the link to Google's English in case the problem is merely temporary.

Update (2/18/09). Stian Håklev has translated the key parts of the new policy.