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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New OA search tool for PubMed

Kevin Davies, Bioalma Launches Novoseek PubMed Search Tool, Bio-IT World, February 3, 2009. (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)

Bioalma, the Spanish biomedical IT/text-mining company, has launched a free search tool for the PubMed literature database called novo|seek, which the company claims provides intelligent search functionality to help life scientists guide and refine their searches of the biomedical literature.

The company calls novo|seek “a dynamic information extraction system” for searching biomedical records in repositories, particularly PubMed. Novo|seek indexes the biomedical literature in PubMed and enables researchers to find relevant results efficiently by using external sources of data and contextual term information. The tool provides familiar chronological listings of search results, but a sidebar presents a series of additional related terms based on relevancy, allowing researchers to drill down and refine additional queries. ...

Bioalma downloads and indexes 18 million documents in Medline each day. That information is then put into the company’s own database using the open-source Lucene search engine library. ...

While Bioalma believes that novo|seek will help introduce its other products to a broader audience, it also hopes to generate revenue by selling online advertizing through Google ads, targeting companies selling reagents or equipment. Bioalma has not held discussions with NCBI about the tool. ...

The first release of novo|seek focuses on PubMed, but in time Bioalma plans to integrate additional resources, such as grant information and full-text search.