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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anti-OA EU report withdrawn

La Quadrature du Net, Copyright dogmatism temporarily kicked out of European Parliament, press release, February 19, 2009.

La Quadrature du Net welcomes the confirmation that the Medina Report, the most ridiculous text about Copyright seen in years in the European Parliament, got kicked out. This dogmatic text got rejected thanks to awareness raised by massive citizen mobilization. ...

Multiple echoes from inside the European Parliament led us believe that the Medina Report was postponed "sine die". The JURI committee, where the text was initially voted, confirmed this information. The European socialist group (PSE), where Manuel Medina Ortega belongs, choose to block it, fearing a strike-back from their electors during the upcoming elections if it was put to votes. At such a short time from the renewal of the parliament, and as the author of this report isn't candidate for another mandate, it means that this text is definitely kicked out and doesn't have any chance of being voted anymore. ...

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