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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Update on 2008 growth numbers

Heather Morrison, 2008 December 31 Dramatic Growth of Open Access, Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics, December 31, 2008.  Excerpt:

...Full analysis and growth charts will be published early in the New Year. In the interim, here are a few tidbits of information and observation:

Since Dec. 11, 2008 [when Heather computed the early version of her year-end growth numbers]....There are two more institutional mandates, more journals in DOAJ, all the major international open access harvesting services have added more repositories and more items, there are more journals participating in PMC, more providing immediate free access in PMC, and more providing full open access to all articles!

A few quick figures to start off the New Year (some rounded):  As of December 31, 2008:

  • DOAJ - 3,812 journals (up 800 titles in the past year; adding 2 titles per day)
  • OAIster - 19.4 million items - up 5 million in the past year
  • Scientific Commons - 24.4 million publications - up 5 million in the past year