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Thursday, January 29, 2009

GreyNet buys rights to deposit papers in its OA repository

GreyNet secures open access for its former collections in the GL-Series, a press release from GreyNet, January 26, 2009.  Excerpt:

GreyNet has recently purchased permission from Emerald to make available the papers published in the GL Conference Proceedings, 1994-2000. Since its relaunch in 2003, GreyNet has sought to recover this earlier research in the field of grey literature and make it available to librarians, researchers, educators, students, and net-users alike. These earlier collections will be included in the OpenSIGLE Repository and will rely on the efforts of INIST-CNRS to OCR the full-text of the conference papers and GreyNet to provide their corresponding metadata records.

In 2008, GreyNet’s conference based collections 2003-2007, were included in the OpenSIGLE Repository. And, by the close of this year, it is anticipated that all of the papers in the International Conference Series on Grey Literature will be fully accessible via the OpenSIGLE Repository.

Comment.  GreyNet started making its conference proceedings OA through its repository in May 2008.  I applaud its determination to complete the collection retroactively, even if it means buying permission from a publisher.  Note to other conference organizers:  This is a reason to self-archive your proceedings as you go, or at least to retain the right to self-archive them without a fee.