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Thursday, January 15, 2009

German government will re-evaluate rejected OA proposal

The German federal government's 2008 media and communications report (Medien- und Kommunikationsbericht der Bundesregierung 2008) was published last month, December 17, 2008.  (Thanks to KoopTech.)  It's a PDF, so I can't link to a  machine translation. 

At pp. 76-77, the government says it will re-evaluate a 2006 proposal for a secondary exploitation right for authors (Zweitverwertungsrecht für Urheber) of scientific research articles based on publicly-funded research.  The proposal is based on an excellent idea of Gerd Hansen's which I wrote about in SOAN for June 2006

The Upper House of Germany's Parliament (Bundesrat) is considering a bill to permit author self-archiving of journal articles six months after publication regardless of the terms in a copyright transfer agreement the author might have signed....

The government rejected the idea in 2006 and German law does not currently incorporate it.  The government is not promising to support it this time, but its willingness to re-evaluate it has to count as good news.

(Thanks to Sebastian Krujatz for help in understanding the government's position.)