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Monday, December 08, 2008

Video profile of Science Commons

Jesse Dylan has made a two-minute OA video about Science Commons.  From today's announcement:

Today, we are proud to announce the release of Science Commons’ first informational video. The video was directed by renowned director Jesse Dylan, the director of the Emmy-award winning “Yes We Can” Barack Obama campaign video with musical artist from the Black Eyed Peas....

“I believe Science Commons represents the true aspiration of the web, and I wanted to tell their story,” Dylan said. “They’ve changed the way we think about exploration and discovery; the important and innovative ideas need to be shared.  I believe it’s vital to revolutionizing science in the future.  I hope this is just the beginning of our collaboration.”

This video is launched in conjunction with a letter of support from Richard Bookman, the Vice Provost for Research and Executive Dean for Research and Research Training at the University of Miami....In his letter, Bookman writes:

“We need to find ways to make sharing research results and tools easy, trackable, and useable by scientists on a day-to-day basis. Science Commons is working on these problems in a way that few other projects contemplate....

I support SC/CC because I think it’s the right approach at the right time. It’s vital that we as a community support the organization - the  interstitial nature of what gets done at CC makes it harder than many might think to raise money, which can leave the most important work dying for lack of funds....”

...For more information about the campaign, or to show your support, visit Help Build the Commons. Every little bit counts....