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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Surveying the IR community on perceived trends

Jean-Gabriel Bankier, Perceptions of Developing Trends in Repositories, report, undated but recent. See also the December 4 announcement. Abstract:

We [bepress] asked [SPARC Digital Repositories Meeting (Baltimore, November 17-18, 2008)] attendees to respond to a dozen questions that explored IR trends through the lens of the SPARC conference themes: New Horizons, Campus Publishing, Developing Value-Added Services and Policy Environment. To provide context, we provided links to real life examples that best represented each trend.

We are delighted to report that over 110 SPARC meeting attendees responded to this survey. ...

From the announcement:

... Here are three results we particularly wanted to call out:

  • Respondents on all platforms are thinking creatively about the role of an IR. Responses indicate that a wide variety of content has a home in the repository, including student research, campus business, and research from outside the institution.
  • Respondents saw electronic theses & dissertations and conferences, symposia and colloquia as the most likely kinds of material to be top trends in 2009.
  • Most respondents would consider their IR to be a solid success. Over 58% rated their IR as a 6 or higher on a 1-10 scale of success.