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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The new way to report research output

The first version of the 2007 Research Output report from the University of Pretoria listed the faculty publications but didn't link to OA editions in UPSpace, the Pretoria IR.  That's fixed now, thanks to the UP Library Services and the Department of Research Support.  From Monica Hammes:

...A team of 19 staff members and students under the leadership of Elsabe Olivier upgraded the research data by [linking article citations to their full text in the institutional repository,] adding the URLs of available articles, correcting metadata and adding additional records.

56% of the articles in the 2007 Research Report now link directly to the full text adding to the visibility of this very important component of the University's research output. The project clearly indicates that collaboration with the faculties and the Department of Research Support can lead to more effective and less cumbersome research reporting. In this way the repository becomes a valuable part of the research infrastructure.

This project was the main goal of the Library's Open Scholarship programme for 2008. Read more about the Open Scholarship programme and share your views on the openUP wiki....