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Friday, December 26, 2008

New OA journal of materials science

Materials is a new peer-reviewed OA journal from MDPI.  (Thanks to Dietrich Rordorf.)  From Andreas Taubert's editorial in the inaugural issue (December 2008):

...While in biology and physics, there is already a certain “tradition” of Open Access publishing, chemistry has been rather slow in picking up the concept. This is interesting, because Open Access does have several advantages: free access for anyone interested, color figures can easily be included at no cost (because the journals are published on the web anyway), publication is rapid, and, as the journals can be read by many scientists, including those that do not have access to the expensive subscriber journals, the long term impact is expected to be high.

As a result, the new Open Access journal Materials should be of interest to anyone working in the general area of materials synthesis, characterization, and application....