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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Repository fauna

Inspired by Dorothea Salo's habit of calling herself a repository rat, Les Carr has looked into the other wildlife to be found the repository niche of the OA ecosystem.  Some are solitary and some social; some are wild and some domesticated; some are hunters and some scavengers; some are preeners and some slovenly; and some are valued while some are vermin.  He takes a stab at characterizing four repositories according to the animal behavior they embody.

PS:  Compare this with a more systematic and prosaic study of the different policies and practices among repositories.  At least the animal comparisons are more mnemonic and vivid.  A professor of mine liked to say that the medieval comparisons of human traits with animals --busy as a bee, loyal as a dog, sly as a fox, stubborn as a mule, happy as a pig-- were more helpful than contemporary ethics and psychology.