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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New anthropology magazine appears to be OA

Anthropology Now is a new magazine for lay readers.   (Thanks to  From the editorial in the inaugural issue:

...Anthropology Now will build on a growing commitment among anthropologists to make our research findings open and accessible to the world outside of the confines of the academy....

Comment.  I'm guessing that this is OA, but I wish I could be sure.  At the moment, all the articles are at least gratis OA.  (I couldn't find any licensing information.)  The excerpt from the editorial suggests a commitment to OA.  But the magazine doesn't call itself OA or free.  It also has a subscription page, but it doesn't mention prices.

Update (12/2/08). Never mind. The publisher's version of the subscription page does mention prices. (Thanks to John Reidelbach.)

Update (12/7/08). Read Emily Martin's account of the creation of Anthropology Now, and some comments by anthropologists.