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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Google begins scanning at Columbia

Columbia’s Mass Digitization Project with Google is Underway, press release, October 28, 2008.

Columbia University Libraries have begun work in partnership with Google, Inc. to digitize selected public domain printed volumes in the University Libraries’ collections. The Libraries are selecting from the hundreds of thousands of public domain volumes in the collections that may be legally copied and mounted online, including works in a wide variety of languages and scripts. Each volume will be unavailable for a period of time while it is being scanned. ...

This multi-year project with Google will provide faculty, students, scholars, and readers around the world with an unprecedented ability to search, locate, and read books from the University's collections. Once our books and journals are digitized, they be available through Google Book Search, with links added directly from CLIO to the digitized versions as the project moves forward. Columbia will preserve the digital versions for future users as well. ...

See also our past post announcing the partnership. Columbia also signed an agreement with Microsoft and the Open Content Alliance.