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Friday, November 28, 2008

Founder of OA medical journal honored as Junior Scientist of the Year

Junior Scientist of the Year award goes to founder of an open-access (OA) journal, Informationsplattform Open Access, November 28, 2008.  Excerpt:

The career portal academics is a joint initiative of the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and the magazine Forschung & Lehre. Each year it awards a prize to the "Junior Scientist of the Year". This year's award, which came with prize money of 2000 Euros, went to Dr. med. Christoph Kleinschnitz of the University Hospital, Wuerzburg. Dr. Kleinschnitz received the award in recognition of the fact that he founded the Journal of Experimental Stroke & Translational Medicine (JESTM), the first ever OA journal worldwide in the field of stroke research. JESTM provides cost-free publication of and access to scientific literature which is of particular benefit to researchers in developing countries....