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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elsevier opens its article API

Wouter Gerritsma, The changing face of Elsevier Science, Wouter on the web, November 22, 2008.  Excerpt:

The last couple of days I had the pleasure to attend the Elsevier Development Partners meeting. The exact products they are working on might be of interest to some people, but thatís up to Elsevier to announce. But what was really the big surprise at this meeting -which lasted 3 days- was the tone from Elsevier. It was all about open Science. They clearly wanted to open up. There was a lot of talk about sharing information, making mash-ups possible, Application programming Interfaces (API). Elsevier Science wanted to move away from the double barred information silo to become an open solution provider in the scholarly world....

This change will take time. It doesnít happen overnight. But Raphael Sidi just announced the other day on his blog the Elsevier Article API at the programmable Web. So, Elsevier is not only talking, they are acting up on it as well....

From the Elsevier Article API (November 16, 2008):

The Elsevier Article API facilitates search and access to scientific journals and scientific articles. The API provides web services for searching for journals, journal volumes, specific issues, articles, and article images. The Article and Article Image specific API interactions provide access to the full-text article XML (and the associated images) and enable a mashup developer to render the returned article in customizable formats....

Update (11/27/08).  Elsevier opened its article API at least to some degree, and temporarily, for its Article 2.0 contest.  Does anyone know whether the recent announcement goes beyond that?